EP1 What would you want to hear in 40 years?

Monday, Apr 22, 2019| Tags:

An auditory response to what I’d like to hear when I’m 60 years. What would you like to hear in 40 years? This is my sonic response, credits below where you can find the humans and music used (mostly mine and my friends music) ||

PBD Ep 1 Credits

Humans (in order of appearance)

Ep 1 welcome to my sound library

Humans (In Order of Appearance)

Michael Betts, Host

Enoch Cincotta(singing) and Joey Lynch as prickly pear in first song https://pricklypair.bandcamp.com/releases

Sydney Fishman reading excerpt from Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot

Gene Betts

Bonnie De Paulo

Linda Betts

Chad Lamon https://www.chadlamon.com/

Chris Sanchez

Jack Rogers https://perotroupe.org/

Paul De Paulo

Brian Eurice https://perotroupe.org/

Uncle Ray

(( unknown speech lady from women’s march, 3 people ))

Reineer (child)

Teddy Alexander https://deetsa.com/

Cameron Mehrabian

Blaine Betts

Cathy Nelson

David o’reify

Jeannette *

David Dunn https://www.foundationforcontemporaryarts.org/recipients/david-dunn

Ian Avery Bick https://soundcloud.com/slowproteo

John ( composer grad student )

Music ( In Order of Appearance )

Prickly Pair https://pricklypair.bandcamp.com/releases

World my stage - poliw.at https://youtu.be/_SLn_cqsQUY

Russian Choral - (Sergei Rachmaninoff)

Betts Family Reunion - Pasties overdose at Presque Isle

Friday night - POLIW.AT (instrumental)

You already know Feat. Poliw.at https://pricklypair.bandcamp.com/track/you-know-feat-poliwat

Late in the morning piano instrumental

Sonmi piano instrumental https://michaelbetts.bandcamp.com/track/sonmi

David Dunn Nature CD https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/ddunn

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