EP2 How do you relax?

Thursday, May 9, 2019| Tags: Life the musical, Podcast


Ep2 How do you relax?

Humans (In Order of Appearance)

Michael Betts

Rainier Wong

Nick Kush, https://www.instagram.com/kushberryjams/

Sean Keilan, the Provost of Porter College and Professor of Literature.

( random person private property )

Tamar Weir

Ashley Keith

Katie Shubat

Brian Eurice

Adrienne Lundry

Celia Wrath

Jack Rogers https://perotroupe.org

Ethan Durram, https://www.kasuriagroup.com/

Erin Devit

Mackenzie Vasquez

Gene Betts


Matt Brown



Jimmothy Leary - pbd intro https://jimmothyleary.bandcamp.com/

Ashley and Jesse healing music

Ameet Live Forest Loops https://soundcloud.com/amit-sabag-3

mtfk. - Laying in the Grass, Watching the Stars https://soundcloud.com/mat-fukano/laying-in-the-grass-watching-the-stars

Feminist Dominatrix Freestyle

Grasshopper my Grasshopper - https://poliw.at

Poetry If feeling is first - E.E. Cummings https://www.mtholyoke.edu/~lbmelton/v1.0/creations/eecummin.html

Iā€™d Pick More Daisies by Brother Jeremiah read by a tree fairy https://www.devpsy.org/nonscience/daisies.html

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